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Fred C. Anson
Elizabeth W. Gilloon Professor of Chemistry

Jacqueline K. Barton
Arthur and Marian Hanisch Memorial Professor and Professor of Chemistry

C. Patrick Collier*
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dennis A. Dougherty
George Grant Hoag Professor of Chemistry

Rudolph A. Marcus

Nobel Laureate, 1992
Arthur Amos Noyes Professor of Chemistry

B. Vincent McKoy
Professor of Theoretical Chemistry

Mitchio Okumura

Associate Professor of Chemical Physics

Douglas C. Rees
Professor of Chemistry
Full Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Richard W. Roberts
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Zhen-Gang Wang
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

Ahmed H. Zewail
Nobel Laureate, 1999
Director, LMS
Linus Pauling Professor of Chemical Physics and Professor of Physics

John F. Brady

Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering

Scott E. Fraser
Anna L. Rosen Professor of Biology
Director, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center

Hideo Mabuchi
Associate Professor of Physics and Control and Dynamical Systems

Niles A. Pierce

Assistant Professor of Applied and Computational Mathematics

Stephen R. Quake
Professor of Applied Physics and Physics
   *Members since 2001